Hay Feeders & Bunks

Hay Feeders
Slanted Sides save 25 percent more hay

Standard Features are....

*     Square construction can easily be loaded with a bale bed pick-up Square frame also allows for easy transport.

*     Slanted bottom frame construction has only 4' touching the ground so it wont freeze, allowing for ease of movement.

*     Slanted sides save 25%Percent more Hay!

*     2 3/8" round pipe construction with 1 1/4" oblong pipe slanted sides.

*      2-bale double feeders are also available..

Give us a call at 785-528-3356 or 620-274-2838


Forever Feed Bunk.

       Not much to look at but the get the work done.  and they tough as a Sherman Tank. 
      We take the heavy pipe and slice it down the middle to make the bunk. Then the legs are 8 5/8 and then add flat plate on each end and that is it....  You can also buy them as a kit and weld it up your self.

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